I’ve always hated the word blog. I really don’t care that it is widely used. My intention is  a journal of some kind that will complement my original web site – Buns on mars.  I’ve been involved with music most of my life through composing serious music, playing in chamber and full orchestras and even playing at the garage band level.  Now I teach piano and I am not interested in performing. I am interested in writing criticism and want to develop my discourse on music. This is a meditation on various rock bands – not so much as who is a four star or who is a zero, but simply an appreciation for those bands that I find interesting. I draw from my own musical experience and limit the history since this is already well-known. I expect my audience to know as much about this level of pop culture as myself. I think the writing will be that direct and conversational. I hope something interesting emerges that you find amusing.



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